Chinese internet censorship

Did you know that in china if you search on the internet for 共匪 which in Chinese means communist bandits which is a negative term used by anti communists in the Chinese civil war you will just get blocked and wont get any results… Some keywords, website and search terms will actually resort in your ip being completely blocked and unable to search for something else for 5 minutes!

On reflection of my massive rant about <a href=”″>Google’s monopoly</a> I am starting to actually wonder if I was wrong. I do still stand by the fact that their should still be more search engines enjoying equal portions of the search engines market instead of google ruling but this goes for anything really in business as I do not find it healthy for development especially in the tech industry for one company to rule as this can cause stagnation of innovation and ideas… So just to clarify I would be actually saying the same thing if another search engine like bing, yahoo or even duckduckgo that controlled such a large stake in the search engine market too. I have came to realize that yes to a degree google exploiting it position with ever increasing ads in the search results and such to increase revenue but I guess the alternative would be to have a government regulated search engine and If you just look at china for example you can see this is kind of a bad idea. Even though china’s main search engine Baidu is not owned by the government it is highly regulated and restricted by the government. Certain search terms and words including many political ones have been banned by the search engines in China in accordance to Chinese law, not complying with these rules could mean the search engines is shut down. If you do not believe me then I suggest you see the <a href=””>Wikipedia page of the banned keywords that people cannot search for.</a>..

I have no doubt that the searches made on Badiu and on other Chinese search engines are monitored and those that search for specific things which the government is looking out for may cause the authorities alerted if what a searcher is searching for raises concerns. I really would not want a internet were searching for the democratic party is banned!

So I guess google isn’t that bad…… as it could be a lot worse!

What to do when your new domain has a manual action of pure spam on it?

Well, I really meant for this blog to be about politics and economics yet because google has placed a “pure spam” manual action on this site I guess at the moment the focus of this blog has totally went out the window for the time being and now is about trying to get this manual action revoked so I can carry on blogging about things that actually interest me(at the moment I feel like whats the point nobody is going to actually see my blog posts). It is such a shame though as I had so many high hopes for this blog… Anyway moving on I have been doing some research and asking about in various forums as to what to actually do if you new domain has had bad spammy history and has got a manual spam action in the google webmasters tools… Some Of the advise I got was that the best thing to do Is carry on as normal as though the manual action does not exist… which I totally agree with as your not really building a blog for the search engines your building it to get your message across (albeit your message wont be heard not until you start getting listed on the search engines again that is). Another person mentioned how in the reconsideration request you should mention that you are a new site owner and I think that they are totally right… After all your not the spammer the previous owner was so why should you be treated as one. One thing though that I am still a bit stuck with is that this being a brand new website without many posts will mean manual reviewers may see it as a thin website and may still impose the manual action and ban in google because of this? I do hope when it is my turn to be reviewed the manual reviewer will take this into consideration. All this being said and all the hassle all of this manual action creates wouldn’t it be far easier instead of totally deleting a website from the search engine results to simply push it to the back until changes are made? I dont know how computer work totally and especially how they code these search engines but I would have thought something like this would be better… and something that could correct itself if huge changes especially a change in WHOIS information is detected should be a far better and quicker option than to reevaluate all the banned sites again? What do you think?

Hopefully soon I can put all of this behind me and get back to blogging about politics and economics something I wanted this blog to be about in the first place!

Tories hate unemployed people

Whatever country I live in whether it is America or the Uk (which I am living in at the moment) I always get into the politics of the country whether I cannot vote or not I need to know what’s what and whether I am really living in a democracy or not. I have been living in the Uk for a year or two now and can quite safely say in that time I have noticed that the UK is not a democracy! WOW that is quite a bold statement about a western and rich country. But it is true and it is also true about many other apparently affluent and developed western countries. The fact is that the UK is a country of two halves…. but when I say two halves I actually mean that one (the poorer) half is a lot bigger than the (much richer) other half but the government likes to think everything is equal.

The Uk government (Tories) hate the poor and REALLY hate the unemployed, so much so they would see them starve on the streets. It is true sadly… Unemployed people who far whatever reason albiet…

Uni graduates who cannot find a job in a really competitive job market…

People who are under qualified usually because the government failed to give them the opportunities that every rich fellow living in the rich parts of London have.

People living in areas of relative poverty and where jobs are very hard to find…

And the list goes on, I just picked these out as they are some of the ones where people do not have a choice of being unemployed.

The government (first set up by Labor mind so all the political parties are just as bad as each other really) use the job centre.. not to help people find a job but to merely spy on the job seekers and keep a check on them and trying to find any excuse that they can to stop their job seekers allowance.

The job center will also force job seekers into doing free labour… kind of like how prisoners do community service. The excuse for this free labor is to give the job seekers skills so they can find jobs.. but when the jobs are doing unskilled jobs like stacking shelves that shouldn’t or something else like that it is quite questionable and one could easily suspect the government of using job seekers to provide free labour to their rich business owner mates…. It is that thing again…plutocracy again!

Other have also said that this forced work experience is just a excuse to keep the unemployed scored down… as with stupidly hard targets means job seekers can be fired easily and then kicked off job seeekers and so another one is of the score sheet!…. This is quite evil what are all these vulnerable people going to do for food and to survive… Well the government does not care and rather the unemployed die and then the problem will disappear right?

R.I.P Royal Mail

At the moment I am living in the UK and there is a huge divide between rich and poor, or rather north and south. Much of the riches of the UK are found in the south east (London), I am not living down there though as the house prices are through the roof, it is rather over crowded and I just cannot stand the attitude and selfishness found down there. It is quite clear to see what side the current government the conservative are on… with all their economic decision focusing on helping the rich become richer and their smug and selfish attitude towards the poor (all unemployed people are lazy “chavs” apparently) it is quite easy to see why they chose to sell off the royal mail, a service probably unused by the elite of society but one used by many normal citizens and small businesses across England. The royal mail was something that was one of a few government owned properties that was actually making money… The royal mail had been built up from the hard work and dedication of the British people and also their taxes.. but just like that the Conservative decided to sell it… and on the cheap as well despite th fact that it was successful and unlike a lot of things actually bringing in money. But the rich friends of the conservative couldn’t not have the piece of the pie… and since their friends are in power why not use them to get some of this profitable company… which as it so happens is a monopoly with a huge market share and infrastructure on deliveries. So after many many long years of building up the royal mail the conservative just sell it off cheaply and in doing so give the already rich (some even being foreign)  an even tighter grasp on the UK. It is quite clear that the UK government is a plutocracy.

Google says my website is pure spam

I guess this will be useful for people in the same boat to follow my journey hopefully not a very long one out of the pure spam pile at google)

In my last post I ranted about google, partly because I was really annoyed about the fact that google has automatically deemed my website as pure spam even before I managed to upload a website… which was rather odd (must have been a previous owner of the domain who used this site a spam site) even so I was quite annoyed at the fact that google basically controls the internet and spam or not can effectively destroy peoples businesses and livelihoods with a click of a button and evidently DOES which is pretty evil if you ask me! Because google has deemed this site as pure spam WHICH IT IS NOT it does break your momentum on making a new site and making it a great blog partly because now you know if they keep on rejecting your appeals to reconsider indexing it you will never get traffic or people to read your blog… also another point to point out is that  throw out there is that google says that it reads every reconsideration request however it may take a couple weeks to process…. so in those couple of weeks I may actually be a little reluctant to make this site better or even post because their is no guaranteed that my website will be reindexed…. especially if the manual reviewer hates my huge rant about google and yet another thing that makes me even more annoyed is that I read on the google webmasters forum that google even after your manual action is taken away you may still not get good rankings.. where anyone can see you… because google needs to gain trust back into your website…GREAT!

Anyway for you guy (if anyone is actually reading this blog) are in the same boat as me I will be posting on this here blog about my reconsideration such as the the steps I taking to get the manual action removed  and responses I get back from google.

So far I have sent a message to google in my reconsideration letter:


I have created a new website but after lookign at the “waybackmachine” I have noitced that the previous owner of the domain used it to post 2 slightly spammy articles.. that was bascally it really.

Anyway I have just started my new blog and would really be grateful if you were to undo the pure spam action.. thanks.

I have read the google guidelines and do not deem my site as spam…

*It is no longer run or compares to the website that was reviewed and issued the spam noitce.

*It is just a personal economics and my views blogs….. please dont say my views are spam


(I know, I know I am really rubbish at writing emails, just didn’t know what to say)

The annoying thing is that I have just set up this blog, and I am a bit concerned that this blog being new and not many posts being on it will really not help my case!.

I guess I will just have to wait and see.. but blog while I wait for a response but in the knowledge that nobody will be reading my blog because nobody can find it. ha!

Google Monopoly

A monopoly is one that has so much control of a market that all other competitors just cannot compete. A monopoly is usually the product of capitalism and the concentration of wealth in one company. Even though google has gained its place at the top (by introducing new technology of searching the internet however it has got to be said that other search engines have quickly followed and if you compare results of bing and google there is not much difference in search results quality, however bing has much less market share than google) it is still a monopoly and is now using its control to control other company’s and has the power to put many small business that rely on search engine traffic for its business.

Many “experts” say that it is foolish to be dependent on one source of traffic for your website however after saying this they then fail to then give a viable alternative to getting the same levels of traffic search engines traffic yields. These experts may mention alternatives like social media and such but these suggestions do little to calm the nerves of the small business owners whos websites, business and LIVES have been ruined by the evil and morally bankrupt company of google. Many small time websites must rely on search engine traffic to make sales as it is the only way for them to actually be found on the internet.. Search engines are a crucial tool of the internet.. if search engines did not exist people would find it impossible to find relevant websites on the internet and everything would be a chaotic mess… The concept of organizing information is nothing new civilization has been using libraries to index and categorize information for many many years… Information is key to human civilization and development so if the internet was without search engines your next best bet of finding something “new” on the internet would be to browse endlessly the website you already know in order to find out something… you would be secluded from information from website you do not already know and are not linked to by the sites you do know… this is why search engines will always exist on the internet and are needed. Because the internet is now such a important part of the information age we live in and as I have explained the only realistic and quickest way to find new information that you dont already know is through search engines it gives a huge level of responsibility to those providing the search results. Search engines have long been used since google began in the year 2000 and people have always taken the results that they get from search engines as the collection of all the possible relevant answers to their query.. the best fitting being at the top.. however google has now taken it upon themselves to alter these results even though searchers are putting trust in google to show them all of the possible results and in the best order… Google is deindexing sites it does not agree with. Take this website for example. You will not find anywhere on google because it is deemed PURE SPAM by google… I and probably you probably will disagree with google decision to classify this website as pure spam and deindex it form the search results…. Reasons according to google for classifying a site as spam is that a site maybe considered as spam if it is no value to searchers.. only created for the search engines, gibberish content or is trying to “game” as they like to call it the system in order to appear higher in the search results unnaturally and this could include building links to your site on other website as links help improve a website rankings. A lot of what google deems spam is subjective and objectionable.. for instance what if google does not like something you placed on your website…. so they may say it has no value to their searchers because the views aren’t accepted by google? How about the links… anyone can create links to a website not just a webmaster… the whole premise of google using web links is to quantify they quality of the website by using links as a kind of vote from one website owner to another… as only website will link to good quality content apparently… Many website owners are getting their websites taken off google because of negative seo whereby people create thousands of spammy unnatural links to a site in order to fool google into thinking that it is trying to game the system and improve it rankings by creating thousands of links that pass page rank… This is happening and is destroying many business as competitors use this method of negative seo to destroy other people website and take the place of the competitor.

Why are google wanting to penalize website so harshly? Is it really just to improve the search engine results or is there a more sinister reason? You must consider the fact that google is competing with websites on the organic search results with their ads. Google gets money every time someone clicks a ad at the top (PPC, PAY PER CLICK)… making sure that the organic search results are not as good as the pay per click ads would improve click through rates of these ads and thus fill googles pockets, also by pushing small businesses and websites that nobody would notice being gone or even just making it impossibly hard to rank for keywords will ensure business have to buy into adwords just to be seen this in effect then pushes up the bidding prices of the ads as well equaling even more profit for the billion dollar greedy swines.

Google has also been updating the way it displays search results to include exact answers to queries on google….(hummingbird) this has been done to ensure users stay on google… pushing down specialist website from the organic results further down the page out of sight and adding the biased google has to its own properties such as youtube to keep searchers on google owned websites to further control and increase revenue form ads means small business really cannot compete!

Showing only one point of view or information is propaganda which ever way you look at it… calling a website spam and not displaying it to searcher under this excuse is NOT right at all and can be easily used to steer society as many rely on googles results and trust that google is not holding back anything from them… but the truth is google is.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel google may not even have to be broken up by the government it may suffer a slow but invertible death from its own greed (I HOPE SO!). As google serves up users with things they dont particularly want and the constant bombardment of ads and google owned properties which do not help them really find what they are looking for means googles search reuslts are slowly but steadily declining and people trust and faith in this once evolutionary search enigne is slipping… I think though government intervention is needed to help out the other search engines though and to level out the playing field…

Google has far to much power and should be broken up by the government. It is not right that ONE single company can control upto 70% of the search engine market when search engines are vital not only for businesses but also for communication o

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