Whatever country I live in whether it is America or the Uk (which I am living in at the moment) I always get into the politics of the country whether I cannot vote or not I need to know what’s what and whether I am really living in a democracy or not. I have been living in the Uk for a year or two now and can quite safely say in that time I have noticed that the UK is not a democracy! WOW that is quite a bold statement about a western and rich country. But it is true and it is also true about many other apparently affluent and developed western countries. The fact is that the UK is a country of two halves…. but when I say two halves I actually mean that one (the poorer) half is a lot bigger than the (much richer) other half […]

R.I.P Royal Mail

At the moment I am living in the UK and there is a huge divide between rich and poor, or rather north and south. Much of the riches of the UK are found in the south east (London), I am not living down there though as the house prices are through the roof, it is rather over crowded and I just cannot stand the attitude and selfishness found down there. It is quite clear to see what side the current government the conservative are on… with all their economic decision focusing on helping the rich become richer and their smug and selfish attitude towards the poor (all unemployed people are lazy “chavs” apparently) it is quite easy to see why they chose to sell off the royal mail, a service probably unused by the elite of society but one used by many normal citizens and small businesses across England. The […]

I guess this will be useful for people in the same boat to follow my journey hopefully not a very long one out of the pure spam pile at google) In my last post I ranted about google, partly because I was really annoyed about the fact that google has automatically deemed my website as pure spam even before I managed to upload a website… which was rather odd (must have been a previous owner of the domain who used this site a spam site) even so I was quite annoyed at the fact that google basically controls the internet and spam or not can effectively destroy peoples businesses and livelihoods with a click of a button and evidently DOES which is pretty evil if you ask me! Because google has deemed this site as pure spam WHICH IT IS NOT it does break your momentum on making a new […]

Google Monopoly

A monopoly is one that has so much control of a market that all other competitors just cannot compete. A monopoly is usually the product of capitalism and the concentration of wealth in one company. Even though google has gained its place at the top (by introducing new technology of searching the internet however it has got to be said that other search engines have quickly followed and if you compare results of bing and google there is not much difference in search results quality, however bing has much less market share than google) it is still a monopoly and is now using its control to control other company’s and has the power to put many small business that rely on search engine traffic for its business. Many “experts” say that it is foolish to be dependent on one source of traffic for your website however after saying this they […]

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