Is there such a thing as a monopoly?

Some people will argue till the cows come home (British colloquialism) that *insert company here* is not a monopoly… the company that maybe in discussion may have all the tell tale signs of being a monopoly and using its power for evil yet some people will continue to refuse to believe that monopolies exist these

Stop your blog from being hacked

It is more dangerous writing a blog than you may think… A word of warning for bloggers, with more and more spammers and hackers targeting peoples personal blogs to help pedal illegal pharmacy websites to (fake) ugg boots shops from india and other third world countries it is very important to be on your guard.

Economics: Why crime doesnt pay

Crime doesn’t pay only if you are at the top. Economists have always held the view that crime happens because on average it does pay. However a study conducted and published by the University of Chicago which studied a gang in a four year period from 1991-1995 have put this view into doubt. What they

Why Price gouging is’nt bad

In January 1998 a storm in Quebec Canada left many millions of people without a source of power or electricity it would take many months to restore energy again to all residents. Nobody could have predicted the full extent of the storm but economists could have easily been able to predict what was to follow.

Stopping peoples benefits is a bad idea

Here is my thought for today…. Stopping peoples benefits really is a stupid idea, but one the UK government is obsessed with! You must remember that people on benefits do not save up their benefits but spend it as soon as they can on life’s essentials. Taking away peoples benefits will leave these folks struggling

23% of Americans did not read a book last year!

According to a survey by The Atlantic apparently 23% of the adults that took the survey had not read a book in 2013! Some politicians may use this statistic to try point to this statistic to try and illustrate a decline in education and adult literacy skills as it has long been believed that people

Unempolyment, the government is fixing it….

The government are fixing unemployment…well they are fixing and bending the true numbers and stats of unemployment (especially youth unemployment). Youth unemployment is really bad and I personally think that it is morally wrong to destroy people dreams and hope even before they are even given a chance. Many young people (I AM YOUNG), are

Chinese searchers blocked from searching for certain political topics

Did you know that in china if you search on the internet for 共匪 which in Chinese means communist bandits which is a negative term used by anti communists in the Chinese civil war you will just get blocked and wont get any results… Some keywords, website and search terms will actually resort in your

What to do when your new domain has a manual action of pure spam on it?

Well, I really meant for this blog to be about politics and economics yet because google has placed a “pure spam” manual action on this site I guess at the moment the focus of this blog has totally went out the window for the time being and now is about trying to get this manual

Tories hate unemployed people

Whatever country I live in whether it is America or the Uk (which I am living in at the moment) I always get into the politics of the country whether I cannot vote or not I need to know what’s what and whether I am really living in a democracy or not. I have been