Brazil World cup good or bad POLL

I thought I would set up a poll to catch peoples views on whether people think that the World cup in Brazil is good or bad for Brazil economically.

What do you think? Vote and comment below to have your say!

The 2014 Brazil World cup.. is it good or bad economically for Brazil?

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Brazil Worldcup

Brazil is currently hosting the FIFA world cup and will be hosting the next Olympics as well… (If for some reason you didn’t know) but despite how much the Brazilians love football and celebrate sport there still is friction and protest going on!

I think that it is good for Brazil but only in the short term as the world cup encourages investment into the country, creates jobs from infrastructure spending and these jobs help to put money directly into the pockets of the poor. An added benefit is that there is a short term tourism boom that brings in a lot of money from wealthy foreigners.

However I am concerned about reports of money being diverted away from the poor to pay for the world cup. In the long term however after the debt fueled spending spree has come to an end. After the wealthy foreign tourists have left and the short term jobs have evaporated. What next? The bust. The poor remain poor, sure they now have nice football stadiums and perhaps improved transport links and hotels but for the average person living in a favela – do they enjoy any benefit from these additional things? What would they prefer the money to be spent on? If you ask them they would prefer long term investment into schools and education providing long term benefits to the economy enabling Brazil to compete in the global marketplace for highly skilled jobs. They would prefer money to be spent improving living conditions for those in the favelas, increasing access to clean water and safe housing.


Cured my footpain

footpain is really annoying!

Recently I had been suffering from tired, aching and painful feet which got so bad that I couldn’t put any weight on my feet at all, now this puts me in a bit of a predicament. The pain was mainly on my heels and in around the arches and ball of my feet. Not happy and bored of not being able to get out and about I decided to look online to see what the heck was up with my feet and how I could go about fixing them. I looked on a couple sites and my symptoms matched up with a foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. I read that some people suffer from it for years (however in these cases those who were suffering like this for years were not resting their feet properly and were getting back to normal to soon before the feet could fully recover and so were putting weight and pressure on weakened feet that could not cope and support the weight and pressures they were putting on them.. on top of that they did not fix the underlining cause in the first place which is key to stopping PF from coming back). PF is caused by inflammation of the arches.. the arch of your foot is made up of a ligament called the plantar fascia which stretches across your foot and help with the pronation, supporting, balancing and shifting weight as you walk or run. PF is apparently more common in those who suffer from fallen arches or those that have high arches this is because the plantar fasciitis is more stretched out and less able to take weight it also affects the pronation of your feet when you walk. I looked at my feet and it turns out that I have slightly flatter than normal feet, my feet aren’t totally flat but they aren’t perfect, add in the fact that prior to all this foot pain and problems I have been having that I decided to get healthy by going out runnign and putting my feet under a lot of pressure and tension that they are not used to it is easy to see why I have ended up with plantar fasciitis really.

What worked in the end at sorting all of this out for me (though other people may have different causes of plantar fasciitis) was that because I suffer from slightly flatter than normal feet I needed extra support so I bought some orthotic arch support insoles to put in my everyday shoes and my runnign shoes as well. These helped make sure that when I ran or when I am on my feet all day, I dont over stretch or over exert my feet and put to much pressure on the arches… walking and running can cause huge shocks and forces too.. and the pressure on my heels through my own bodyweight can cause a lot of this pressure but with some orthotics like these I could just wear them and they would absorb shock and spread the pressure and restore balance as muscles imbalances can cause unnatural pressure on tissues in your feet as well so with this extra support it stopped all of this. I haven’t had problems since.. so I am quite happy.

Going to add link to inthenameofsport where I got these insoles from below… it is good site worth checking out with a good blog for of info too which is great if you are suffering from foot pain like I was and dont know what to do.

Eclectecon is back!

You may have noticed that eclectecon has been down for quite some time.. well the blog is back, after my old host messed up (and this new one isn’t much better).

Iv had to re post all the old blog posts that I could find and hopefully if all goes well I should be setting up a economic forum on this domain as well very soon!

*Note to self always keep backups.


Stop your blog from being hacked

It is more dangerous writing a blog than you may think… A word of warning for bloggers, with more and more spammers and hackers targeting peoples personal blogs to help pedal things from illegal pharmacy websites to (fake) ugg boots shops from india and other third world countries it is very important to be on your guard. Many people will use blogging platforms to start their blog off such as wordpress, Content management systems like these often let you ad plugins and custom themes which you can download and add to your blog or website but it is these that might let in the hackers and the spammers who will use exploits (sometimes intentional and sometimes not) to use your own site for their own purposes. If you site is hacked it can mean your site will start to run really slow, the spammers will also send thousands of spammy backlinks to the hidden spam pages they create which can effect you search engine rankings too, your site is helping illegal and dangerous website rank in the search engines.

*It is rather interesting in a economic perspective anyway as the spammers are forced to create short term churn and burn website to rank high quickly in the search engines with sometimes millions of links gained from this method pointing to their website before being removed by the search engines only to be replaced with another spam website the spammers have quickly created to rank again.

Why are these guys doing this? Hacked sites are becoming more and more of a problem each day. Hackers are using sites that have been compromised to help boost rankings of illegal pharmacy website and other dodgy websites in the search engines.
You cans see whether you site is hacked by either searching for in google or using ahrefs to see what pages your site has.

If you come across any pages that you did not create yourself such as

It is worth pointing out that most of the time if you click these pages you will see nothing but your homepage content but this is done on purpose and the spam is usually only shown to seo bots like google bot whereas normal users are just shown something normal this in itself is enough to get a site penalized even if the site isnt hacked adding the fact the site is compromised and now trying to pedal pill website and other bad neighborhood website and having hundreds of thousands of spam links pointing to these pages it wont be long until your rankings in the search engines drop or you are deindexed entirely in the search engines.

Then your website has unfortunately been hacked by some greedy blackhat spammer who is now using your site to help boost his own. Your site will be included in a hacked website network and you will if you check ahrefs see a huge spike in newly created links pointing to these hacked pages on your site.

What to do if you site is hacked?

Your site if using a content management system like wordpress is usually compromised if you have used a dodgy plugin or have downloaded a theme that has hidden encrypted code in it. You must always be careful when downloading free or even premium stuff on the internet and only add stuff onto your server if you are 100% sure that it is safe.

Old versions of content management systems may have security flaws and thus should be regularly updated other security holes on old versions maybe used by hackers to gain access to your control panel and hack your site.

Cleaning you site up can be quite tricky depending on how hacked your site is. Hidden code and files maybe added to different parts of your site, meaning if it was a bad plugin of theme that hacked your site you may need to start again because a hack can soon like a weed come back “if you dont kill the root you dont kill the weed”.

clear everything, start a fresh clearing the htaccess file completely and deleting all files then fresh install your site and then read you posts by using google cache.
Sometimes you can first back up your posts and content and then re import it but you must take care checking through the backup file to make sure there isnt any code that shouldn’t be there.

Fortunately the spam link will only be pointing to the hacked pages thus if you clear up your website and the hacked pages return then a 404 error this discounts all the spam links pointing to those pages and in effect can redeem your site rankings to go even further you could disavow the domains using webmasters tools in google as well to make sure google does not count these link at all when ranking your site. Nobody likes being hacked so contacting the websites that have also been hacked and are pointing to you ensures that the hacked spam links get deleted and youv helped a webmaster out plus no more links whatsoever.

Economics: Why crime doesnt pay

Crime doesn’t pay only if you are at the top.

Economists have always held the view that crime happens because on average it does pay. However a study conducted and published by the University of Chicago which studied a gang in a four year period from 1991-1995 have put this view into doubt. What they did was that they tracked the income and the expenditure as well of a particular criminal gang who’s business was in dealing in cocaine. What they found was really quite surprising even though the gang was dealing in huge sums the average gang member received less than the minimum wage at the time. This meant that most gang member’s would have to have part time jobs as well as their gang jobs.

The study was done over a four year period, at the start of the study in 1991 the gangs monthly income stood at $18, 000 this then increase in the four year and at the end of the study it was over $68 000. The cost of the actual drugs to sell took up 15% of the gangs expenditure however other costs such as funeral costs, and “compensation” to killed gang member’s families which was $5000 a death took up a large proportion of the gangs expenses.

Small time dealers in the gang would earn no more than $200 a month. When the gang was in gang disputes and war fare with other rival gangs mercenaries were often hired were given more money because of the increased pay was due to the increased risk of death and were given up to $2000 a month.

The study looked also at the risk gang member’s faced and found that gang member’s in the 4 year study had a one in four chance of being killed the study calculated that the average life a gang member was worth was no more than $7k.

As we can see it doesn’t pay to be a gang member… But it does if you are the top dog. Messrs Levitt and Venkatesh who conducted the study said that it was all based on the winner takes all…  Member would start at the bottom and work their way to the top… It was found that 20% of the revenue the gang made was given to a few top gang memebers. The leader of the gang was earning $100, 000 a year.

The risk of getting to the top is very risky and staying top dog once you get there is not guaranteed as all the other underdogs fight to take your place.

Why Price gouging is’nt bad

In January 1998 a storm in Quebec Canada left many millions of people without a source of power or electricity it would take many months to restore energy again to all residents. Nobody could have predicted the full extent of the storm but economists could have easily been able to predict what was to follow. As with many natural disasters price gouging is a common phenomenon. In this case with out electricity prices of candles skyrocketed… before a box of candles would only cost around $1 a box but after the disaster prices were raised to 4 times that at $4 a box due to the increase in demand. Many see price gouging at times of need and disaster as morally wrong as “nobody should profit on the misery of others”. Even Canada’s Industry minister at the time even suggested at a time of need oil companies should not be hiking up the prices but really giving people who need it the gasoline for free as it is the human thing to do. The Qubec Consumer newspaper even wanted to name and shame those businesses trying to profit from the disaster which destroyed many people lives.

However it has got to be said that the sudden increase in prices serve a very real and useful purpose in economics. Yes we could spend all day vilifying those who price gouge until the next disaster and the next one after that but you cannot hide from the fact the price gouging is needed especially in a time of crisis! It is what keeps the economy running. If people started to give away everything that they had for free then the supply would quickly diminish the same goes if they just simply kept the prices the same.

High prices make people think again and use alternatives. The high prices mean that people use what they have and are more resourceful or will look for cheaper alternative further helping the economy. This will also mean that people who desperately need the goods will be able to get them.

Because of the huge profit margins shopkeepers also will get from price gouging will mean that they will be more likely to restock as well further increasing supply and making things get back to normal much quirkier as well as supply increases and stores then begin to compete with one another again and prices then fall back to normal.

If the Canadian government decided upon making it illegal, for example a law was passed to make selling candles for more than $1 a box illegal you would quickly see corruption as shopseekers will with limited supply would only sell candles to those that benefit them the most, for example politicians who could pass new laws and such to benefit their store. If shopkeepers started to do this then they would find that when the crisis settles and things begin to get back to normal they would have its custom from their regular customers after refusing to sell them goods that they needed in a crisis.

Price gouging is important in crisis and can even bring new custom for instance if a shop quickly sells out of much needed goods regular customers of that store may then stray to other stores trying to find the good that they need from places that have not sold out… After the crisis has been resolved they may become the new regulars of the store that helped them out in the crisis.

So as you can see price gouging isnt all that bad!

Stopping peoples benefits is a bad idea

Here is my thought for today…. Stopping peoples benefits really is a stupid idea, but one the UK government is obsessed with! You must remember that people on benefits do not save up their benefits but spend it as soon as they can on life’s essentials. Taking away peoples benefits will leave these folks struggling and without any money at all to spend… this will not only increase crime rates as people become more desperate because they dont have any money at all but will also mean that businesses that rely on selling cheap goods to people on benefits also suffer…. essentially taking away peoples benefits who do not have jobs is like taking away a important backbone in our economy… Some may argue that this balance will reassert itself in the future but what you must consider is the fact that by taking away peoples benefits you could essentially be making more business go under thus increasing competition further for jobs! Oh yeah another thing to mention attacking the weak and vulnerable to help increase the wealth of the richest people in society is corrupt and anti democratic!

UPDATE:(I have just noticed a spelling mistake in this blog title… DOH!

23% of Americans did not read a book last year!

According to a survey by The Atlantic apparently 23% of the adults that took the survey had not read a book in 2013! Some politicians may use this statistic to try point to this statistic to try and illustrate a decline in education and adult literacy skills as it has long been believed that people who appreciate reading and regularly read books are more intelligent but I Have my doubts. Yes, It is kind of a sad statistic but  I am not that surprised and I actually think that the number of people reading books will continue to fall as the technology and the way we consume information and media changes. Do you think reading is dead? Though I dont think that we will ever stop reading as such but the way information is handed to us may change and instead of information being hidden inside large text I believe in the instant world we live in we will soon find that information will be available and found easily in bite size chunks that we can pick and choose to read.  I do think that books as we once new them in the good old days are long gone…we have already have replaced the physical copy of a book with ebooks read on tablets.  Books have been the way in which we document ideas so not to forget them, learn, and even used for recreation in the form of novels for thousands of years. However with new so many ways to do these things it is kinda of making the idea of printing, distributing and reading books a bit obsolete especially now as we have the internet and mobile devices which can store a heck of a lot more than a book and wouldn’t need a warehouse to store the equivalent information in books in.  The television was the first punch in the face for the book as a form of entertainment and since then the book we have seen the book get beaten down as many choose the easier option that didn’t require much thought or imagination….. We are now living in a instant world were everything has to be instant, whether it is what we eat… or how we learn.. reading a book is far to hard for some especially as we now have so many much easier and instant ways to learn and why read the book when their is a movie? It is a shame though because this lazy attitude of not thinking and just getting so to speak is destroying our own creative minds…… that’s what I reckon! Anyway time for me to read a book and use my imagination.

Unempolyment, the government is fixing it….

The government is fixing unemployment…well the government is fixing and bending the true numbers and stats of unemployment (especially youth unemployment). Youth unemployment is really bad and I personally think that it is morally wrong to destroy people dreams and hope even before they are even given a chance. Many young people (I AM YOUNG), are far more determined and inspired with a reason to live, prove themselves and have plenty of new fresh ideas that can easily lift and refresh a failing old fashioned brand or company, but business owners would rather exploit the youth unemployed than give them a chance, and the government are helping these cooperation’s do just this by providing them with a army of free workers and if they fire these free workers great.. it will eman that the job center can stop the unemployed person from claiming and thus reduce the unemployed rate! Whilst people are on these apprenticeships (which many are just pointless apprenticeships and only created for cheap labor and do not offer an actual job at the end) the government can cross off the person from the unemployed list which makes them look good in front of their rich and middle class voters who do not have a problem getting a job because mainly in job finding it is who you know and not what you know!

Most of the youth unemployed hardly have much money with some if they have gone to university have huge debts so money is tight and what they usually do if they cannot get a job is to “sign on” at the job center and this is were the exploitation and the crushing of dreams begins. The whole point of the job center is to find excuses to stop peoples job seekers allowance and not to help find people jobs. In a 5 minute meeting most job seekers will only be checked up on to see if they are actually searching for jobs….the only jobs the job center will offer people are either apprenticeships or anything they can to stop them from claiming.

The job center is a morally bankrupt place set up to either find any excuse to stop your benefits and sanction you so you are no longer claiming and no long a figure on the unemployed graph or to get you enrolling in a free work experience plan for jobs that do no require any work experience and just there to provide free labor to rich businesses probably owned by friends of politicians. It is also worth mentioning that with these work experience schemes and apprenticeships if you fail to go or do not meet your targets then you loose your benefits as well. So what are all these people meant to do if they do not have any money at all to live, are vulnerable and now feel exploited and angry…. lets hope that they do not vote for the mainstream government parties that are just all as bad as each other… after all it was labor that first introduced the job center in the first place and it is the conservatives that have now ramped up the exploiting further of the unemployed.


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